Spider Marks-Web Based Marketing

Locally Owned and Operated in Quilcene, Washington

Providing quality and professional digital marketing from consultations, to on going marketing management. We use a combination of industry leading techniques and out of the box strategies that is individualized and catered to your specific needs and industry. We have helped dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and we can help you take your business to the next level.










We offer a wide veriety of business services to satisfy your needs

Complete Digital Marketing Strategy Development Portfolio

Website Design and Website Building

Professional Marketing Consultation

Complete Digital Marketing Development Portfolio


This company was founded by Abe Morgan. Abe was working for the United States Federal Goverment as a contractor. He was working specifically with Hazardous Waste. He worked on a navy's submarine base. He worked there for 6 years until covid happened and he ended up losing his job over it. He was in-between jobs and having a hard time getting unemployment to come through. He was finding online there was a ton of need for Digital Marketing for companies, especcially since so much more work and everything else was being done online. He took a bunch of Digital Marketing classes and started this company. 


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